Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks Commission

Designated Historic Landmarks

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Abernethy House, William Sidney & Margaret Davis215 W. Eastway DriveCharlotte089111162015-10-19
Adams House, Thad A.604 Clement AvenueCharlotte127015011988-03-23
Addison Apartments Building831 E. Morehead StreetCharlotte125173221998-03-16
Advent Christian Church101 N. McDowell StreetCharlotte080098141988-08-15
Agricultural Building, (Huntersville)200 Gilead RoadHuntersville017121131992-11-17
Agricultural Building, (Long Creek)9213 Beatties Ford RoadHuntersville02306311 1992-12-07
Alexander House, Charles & Laura203 Church StreetHuntersville019061051990-11-06
Alexander House, Hezekiah3500 Shamrock DriveCharlotte101021081975-01-13
Alexander Mill Ruin, Isaac Newton2416 Colony RoadCharlotte175071021982-04-05
Alexander Duplex, Jennie1801-1803 E. 8th Street
516 Lamar Avenue
Alexander House, John Baxter509 Clement Avenue, Suites 1-5Charlotte12701C99, 12701324-127013281987-06-15
Alexander House, N. S.4717 Shamrock DriveCharlotte099261071980-01-07
Alexander House, Thomas2051 Sharon LaneCharlotte183022241998-06-15
Alexander House, W.T.216 and 218 W. Mallard Creek Church RoadCharlotte029031371977-04-18
Alexander House, Walter L.523 Clement AvenueCharlotte127013051987-05-18
Alpha Cotton Mill206, 311, 319, 325 Alpha Mill Lane
910 and 920 Spindle Street
American Legion Memorial Stadium310 N. Kings Drive
1321 Charlottetowne Avenue
Antioch Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery3712 Monroe RoadCharlotte159041042018-10-15
Armature Winding Company Complex1001 W. 1st Street
520 McNinch Street
Armour-Adams House626 N. Main Street Davidson003161042007-02-13
Ashford House241 Hoskins Avenue DriveCharlotte063061032021-01-04
Atherton Cotton Mills2108 South Boulevard Charlotte12103121-121031561998-03-16
Atherton Mill House2005 Cleveland AvenueCharlotte121067111982-04-26
Bagley-Mullen House129 N. Poplar StreetCharlotte078016081980-02-11
Bank of Huntersville (Former)100 Main StreetHuntersville019041111992-11-17
Barnhardt House, Charles E.3217 Maymont PlaceCharlotte095043462017-10-16
Battle of McIntyre's Farm Monument5801 Beatties Ford RoadCharlotte037116052022-10-10
Beatty House, Paul & Wilkie215 S. Irwin Avenue Charlotte073218152013-01-22
Beaty House, W. D.2400 Park LaneCharlotte055294061990-06-18
Beaver Dam19600 Davidson-Concord Road Davidson007263762016-02-09
Belk House, William Henry200 and 220 Hawthorne Lane Charlotte127038011986-06-16
Berryhill House324 W. 9th StreetCharlotte078031031976-10-04
Bethesda Schoolhouse4431 Neck Road Huntersville013231032004-03-15
Biberstein House, R. C.1600 Elizabeth Avenue Charlotte125111211985-11-18
Biddle Hall100, 120, 124, 180 Beatties Ford Road Charlotte078201061976-01-19
Biddleville CemeteryFive Points Neighborhood Park Charlotte069035612016-11-21
Big Rock Rock Shelter6500 Elmstone Drive
6930 Wolf Run Drive
Charlotte22344160, 223441612008-06-16
Blake House, Chairman318 and 312 Chairman Blake Lane
Blakeney House, James A.9304, 9214, 9118 Blakeney Heath Road
8821, 8909, 8912, 8913, 8916, 8917, 8920, 8921 Blakeney Drive
9521 Autumn Applause Drive
Ellington Park Drive
Charlotte22905201, 22905449, 22905696-22905699, 22908357-22908364, 22922266, 22922267 1986-11-17
Blythe Homestead16000 and 16001 Beatties Ford RoadHuntersville00102219, 001021031991-09-03
Blythe House121 Gilead RoadHuntersville017116232022-09-19
Bradford Farm15908 Davidson-Concord RoadDavidson007471072002-11-12
Bradford Store15915 Davidson-Concord RoadDavidson011092042006-06-19
Brem House, Walter211 East BoulevardCharlotte123074021984-01-30
Brooklyn McCrorey Branch YMCA334 S. Caldwell Street
416 E. 3rd Street
Bryant Park1701 W. Morehead StreetCharlotte067014012003-06-16
Builders Building312 W. Trade StreetCharlotte07801613B2004-11-15
Butler House240 Sylvania AvenueCharlotte079105012020-07-13
Caldwell Station School17616 Caldwell Station School RoadHuntersville011032032010-06-21
Carey Building, Philip301 E. 7th StreetCharlotte080021051984-01-30
Carnegie Library Building (old)100, 120, 124, 180 Beatties Ford RoadCharlotte078201061985-06-17
Carolina Cadillac Company1310 S. Tryon StreetCharlotte07307212-073072212005-06-20
Carolina Theatre (old)224 and 230 N. Tryon StreetCharlotte080011101983-03-21
Carolina Transfer & Storage Company Building1230 W. Morehead Street Charlotte07324425-073244482002-06-17
Carr House, John Price200 N. McDowell StreetCharlotte080093081980-07-28
Carter Hall100, 120, 124, 180 Beatties Ford RoadCharlotte078201061976-01-19
Cashion and Moore Family CemeteryNear the McAuley Road & Davidson Concord Road intersection Davidson007451072007-02-13
Cedar Grove8229 and 8301 Gilead Road Huntersville00906101, 00906118-00906120 1974-05-21
Charlotte City Hall600 E. Trade Street Charlotte125021011980-10-27
Charlotte Coliseum2700 E. Independence Boulevard Charlotte159028012009-07-20
Charlotte Cotton Mills508 W. 5th Street,
Suites 100, 125, 140, 150, 200, 225, 250
500 W. 5th Street, Suites 100, 150
Charlotte 07805207-078052151985-08-19
Charlotte Fire Station #21212 South Boulevard Charlotte123036121976-01-19
Charlotte Fire Station #4420 W. 5th Street
421 W. 6th Street
Charlotte07805307, 078053082008-05-19
Charlotte Fire Station #5224 Wesley Heights WayCharlotte071017062009-06-15
Charlotte Fire Station #6249 S. Laurel AvenueCharlotte155034171988-12-19
Charlotte Fire Station #73210 N. Davidson StreetCharlotte083085152009-07-20
Charlotte Fire Station #10 (Former)2136 Remount RoadCharlotte067061022021-01-04
Charlotte Firefighting Apparatuses500 Dalton Avenue
620 W. 28th Street
Charlotte "New Look" GM Bus #10742009-07-20
Charlotte Quartermaster Depot/Charlotte Area Missile Plant1824 Statesville Avenue, 200 Camp Road, 201 Camp Road, 270 Camp Road, 300 Camp Road, 301 Camp Road, 330 Camp Road, 701 Keswick Avenue, 1701 North Graham Street, 1801 North Graham StreetCharlotte07903105, 07903102, 07903107, 07903108, 07903110, 079031112022-03-28
Charlotte Streetcar #851992-07-20
Charlotte Water Works/Vest Station900 and 1024 Beatties Ford Road
2035 Patton Avenue
Charlotte07841501, 078382011991-04-15
Charlotte Woman's Club1001 E. Morehead StreetCharlotte125201051978-07-24
City House500 E. Kingston AvenueCharlotte123084012006-11-20
Coca Cola Bottling Co. Plant1401 W. Morehead StreetCharlotte067012041988-03-23
Coddington House, C. C.1122 E. Morehead StreetCharlotte123102081985-08-19
Coffey House, James Morrow3300 Shopton RoadCharlotte141071052001-06-19
Cohen-Fumero House1154 Cedarwood LaneCharlotte133095122013-11-18
Cooper Log House5621 Mt. Olive Church RoadCharlotte113152071984-12-17
Cornelius High School Agriculture Building21126 Catawba AvenueCornelius005201292020-01-06
Cowan’s Ford-Davidson College Monument14910 NC 73 HighwayHuntersville009021022022-11-07
Craig House900 Ardsley RoadCharlotte155043051996-12-16
Crane Company Building1307 W. Morehead Street,
Suites 101-109, 201-208
Charlotte07325C99, 07325414-073254302009-07-20
Craven House, Dr. Walter Pharr7648 Mt. Holly-Huntersville RoadCharlotte033141031991-07-01
Croft School House9200 Bob Beatty RoadCharlotte027532531992-10-05
Crowell-Berryhill Store401 W. 9th StreetCharlotte078074151982-11-15
Crutchfield-Bomar-Brem House307 E. Boulevard Charlotte123075021983-02-21
Currie House, Violet W.525 N. Main Street Davidson003262032013-11-19
Daggy House, Tom & Mary Lu102 Hillside Drive Davidson007013112013-05-14
Davidson Colored School/Ada Jenkins School212 Gamble Street Davidson003233252007-11-13
Davidson Cotton Mill209 Delburg Street Davidson003261082004-11-09
Davidson House, Baxter1115 Colville Road Charlotte155121022000-03-20
Davidson School251 South Street Davidson007013192012-03-13
Davis House, Dr. George E.301 Campus Street Charlotte069012201985-01-21
Davis House & Outbuildings, S. W.9132 Bob Beatty RoadCharlotte027532521992-10-05
Davis Store, S. W., & C. S.8940 Bob Beatty RoadCharlotte027532511981-08-03
Defiance Sock Mills520 Elliot Street Charlotte073242192013-11-18
Delburg Cotton Mill House303 Delburg Street Davidson003273302015-01-13
Derita High School Gymnasium6115 Rumple RoadCharlotte047043122020-07-13
Detwiler House, Rev. George H.801 Sunnyside AvenueCharlotte080212021984-01-30
Dilworth Airplane Bungalow2144 Park Road Charlotte121102092016-11-21
Dinkins House & Lodge2400 Summerlake Road
6425 Gaywind Drive Pvt
Dinkins Property Cemetery10600 Nations Ford Road Charlotte203055131993-07-12
Douglas House, John7601 Christie LaneCharlotte141211121980-04-08
Dowd House, James C.2216 Monument StreetCharlotte067061051978-10-30

Draper House, Earle Sumner1621 Queens Road Charlotte153074041984-07-16
Duke Mansion (Lynnwood)400 Hermitage Road Charlotte155043251977-05-02
East Avenue Tabernacle A.R.P. Church (Former)926 Elizabeth Avenue Charlotte125042042002-03-18
Eastover Elementary School500 Cherokee Road Charlotte15510236, 155094012012-01-17
Edgewood Farmhouse11132, 11124, 11100 Eastfield Road Charlotte02761104-027611061985-02-18
Designation Report Amendment
Electric Supply and Equipment Company Building419 and 421 Penman StreetCharlotte073265042001-10-17
Elm Row306 N. Main Street Davidson00316201, 00316201A, 00316201B1977-07-18
Elmwood/Pinewood Cemetery700 W. 6th Street Charlotte078131042003-06-16
Ervin Building4037 E. Independence BoulevardCharlotte131111102021-08-09
Eumenean Hall214 N. Main Street Davidson00316201, 00316201A, 00316201B1977-01-25
Excelsior Club921 Beatties Ford Road Charlotte069066211986-03-17
Falls Store100 Mock Road Davidson003234062010-09-14
Fidler House21112 Catawba Avenue Cornelius005201022007-06-18
First A.R.P. Church721 N. Tryon Street Charlotte078045031989-12-18
First Baptist Church (Spirit Square)318 N. Tryon Street Charlotte080023041976-01-19
First National Bank Building110 and 112 S. Tryon Street
Suites 750, 755, 760, 800, 805, 809, 850, 900, 1000, 1100, 1150, 1200, 1220, 1250, 1255, 1300, 1400, 1410, 1420, 1460, 1470,
1500, 1510, 1550, 1560, 1570, 1600, 1700, 1755, 1760, 1765, 1770, 1800, 1900, 2000
Charlotte07301110, 07301C97, 07301129-07301170, 07301173-073011782007-12-17
First United Presbyterian Church201 E. 7th Street Charlotte080021032004-06-21
Flow-Lee House4122 Hoodridge Lane
Charlotte (Mint Hill jurisdiction)195222041993-12-09
Forbis-Venn House5607 Matthews-Mint Hill Road Charlotte135281141991-06-27
Ford Motor Company Assembly Plant1774 Statesville AvenueCharlotte079031022020-07-13
Franks House305 Dunbar StreetCharlotte073063122022-10-10
Frederick Apartments515 N. Church Street Charlotte07803C952000-12-18
Freeman House, William & Nell145 S. Ames StreetMatthews227024462019-11-11
Funderburk Brothers Buildings159 and 165 N. Trade Street
130 Library Lane
Matthews19326211, 19326212, 19326213, 193262141991-11-25
Funderburk House, Benjamin DeWitt201 W. Charles StreetMatthews193261042011-11-29

Designation Report and Addendum
Funderburk-Plaxco House316 E. Matthews Street Matthews215012242012-09-24
Galloway House, G. G.602 E. Morehead Street Charlotte123023101985-11-18
Garinger High School1100 Eastway Drive Charlotte093042512007-12-17
Gateway & Century Buildings402 W. Trade Street Charlotte078054051990-09-17
Gautier-Gilchrist House320 E. Park Avenue Charlotte123076111981-05-18
General William Lee Davidson Monument5455 Cashion RoadHuntersville013151022022-11-07
Gluyas House7314 Mt. Holly-Huntersville Road Charlotte033145982000-06-06
Goff House1116 Queens Road Charlotte153042221995-12-19
Golden House (Moore-Golden)1701 E. 8th Street Charlotte127012011985-06-17
Good Samaritan Hospital Chapel Charlotte1986-03-17
Grace AME Zion Church219 S. Brevard Street Charlotte125024041980-10-27
Grand Theater333 Beatties Ford RoadCharlotte069011162003-05-19
Greene House, Dr. Robert H.2001 Oaklawn AvenueCharlotte078412092009-06-15
Gresham House, E. B.724 Edgehill RoadCharlotte155042081984-07-16
Grier House, Sidney & Ethel4747 Grier Farm Lane Charlotte231045162002-06-17
Grier House, William8120 Robbie Circle Charlotte141111561978-07-03
Grier-Furr House500 W. John Street Matthews193251181991-07-01
Grier-Rea House6701 Providence Road Charlotte213061142002-10-28
Grinnell/General Fire Extinguisher Company1431, 1435, 1501 W. Morehead Street Charlotte06701205-06701207 2002-03-18
Hand's Pharmacy3201 N. Davidson StreetCharlotte083084101987-05-18
Harrill-Porter House329 E. Kingston AvenueCharlotte123076071984-01-30
Hawkins House, Reginald Armistice1703 Madison AvenueCharlotte078398082019-03-18
Hawthorne Lane United Methodist Church501 Hawthorne LaneCharlotte080204081993-04-19
Hayes-Byrum Store & House8630 and 8510 Steele Creek RoadCharlotte199591101990-05-21
Heath & Reid General Store196 N. Trade Street Matthews215013011981-08-10
Helms-Bell House2021 Euclid AvenueCharlotte121068252000-12-18
Helper Hotel (Carolina Inn)225 and 215 N. Main Street Davidson003256051977-07-18
Helper-Walley House603 N. Main StreetDavidson003263132020-12-08
The Henderson-King House4723 Stafford Circle Charlotte163082091999-02-15
Hennigan Place3615, 3609, 3603, 3503 Tilley Morris Road Charlotte23111437, 23111438, 23111403, 231114021980-04-08

Hermitage Court Gateways322 Providence Road
400 Hermitage Court
Highland Park Mill #1340 E. 16th StreetCharlotte081042022018-03-19
Highland Park Mill #32901 N. Davidson Street, Suite 100
2903 N. Davidson Street, Suite 2026
2905 N. Davidson Street
2907 N. Davidson Street
2909 N. Davidson Street,
Suites 100-106, 120, 130, 500
2911 N. Davidson Street
2715 N. Brevard Street
Hodges House & Farm, Eugene3900 Rocky River Road Charlotte10506112, 10506113, 105061051992-07-13
Holly Bend3701 Neck Road Huntersville01304101, 013181131974-05-21
Holt-Henderson-Copeland House305 N. Main Street Davidson003256062007-02-13
Home Federal Savings and Loan Building139 S. Tryon Street Charlotte12501C972002-06-17
Hooks-McLaughlin House501 W. John StreetMatthews213011062019-11-11
Hopewell Presbyterian Church10500 Beatties Ford Road Huntersville015451041988-03-21
Hoskins Mill201 S. Hoskins Road Charlotte063061231988-10-17
Hovis Funeral Home516 N. Tryon Street Charlotte080033142005-06-20
Hovis-Spratt House1405 Hawfield Road Charlotte053093341987-12-21
Hoyle House11511 Smith Road Cornelius007511282009-09-21
Hugh Torance House & Store8231 Gilead Road Huntersville009061091993-12-06
Hunter House, John5607 Sardis Road Charlotte185142391982-09-20
Huntersville School #2508 Dellwood DriveHuntersville019081022022-03-21
Huntersville Town Jail301 Huntersville-Concord Road Huntersville019034072014-04-07
Independence ParkHawthorne Lane, Armory Drive, Charlottetown, Sam Ryburn Walk, E. Independence BlvdCharlotte08019201, 127034161981-09-28
Ingleside7225 Bud Henderson Road Huntersville015021181977-12-05
Jamison House, John802 Providence Road Charlotte155051061981-10-26
Johnson-Sherrill Farmhouse21525 Shearer RoadDavidson003051032020-12-08
Johnston Building212 S. Tryon Street Charlotte073016131992-12-21
Johnston Mill3315 N. Davidson StreetCharlotte09110109, 09110154, 091101571994-09-19
Jones House, Hamilton201 Cherokee Road Charlotte155074011986-11-17
Jones-Garibaldi House228 E. Park Avenue Charlotte123073091988-02-15
Kilgo House, Bishop John C.2100 The Plaza Charlotte095035052008-06-16
Kimberlee Apartments1300 Reece RoadCharlotte175181022021-09-27
Lambeth-Gossett House923 Granville Road Charlotte155051081988-02-15
Lambeth-Sullivan House435 Hermitage RoadCharlotte155044052023-08-28
Larkwood-Chadbourn Hosiery Mill Plant451 Jordan PlaceCharlotte083067072021-08-09
Lassiter House, Robert & Elizabeth726 Hempstead Place Charlotte155132112003-12-15
Latta Arcade316 S. Tryon Street Charlotte07302126A1978-08-07
Latta Arcade (Amendment)316 S. Tryon Street Charlotte07302126A, 07302126B, 07302126C1995-04-17
Latta Place5225 Sample Road Huntersville1974-05-21
Lawing Farmhouse6100 Neck Road Huntersville023022292011-03-07
Lawrence House and Garden, Elizabeth348 Ridgewood Avenue Charlotte151142102005-12-19
Lee House, P. Connor & Harriet3714 Country Ridge Road Charlotte209041032002-11-18
Lee House, William6415 Gaywind Drive Charlotte211553011982-09-20
Leeper and Wyatt Store1923 South Boulevard, Suites A and BCharlotte 121055191989-09-18
Liddell-McNinch House511 N. Church Street Charlotte078035131976-05-17
Little Rock A.M.E. Zion Church401 N. Myers Street Charlotte080104081985-02-25
Long Creek Mill Ruin8508 and 8604 Beatties Ford Road Charlotte02516106, 025161082013-09-16
Louise Cotton Mill1101 and 1111 Hawthorne Lane, Suites A-D Charlotte08115335, 081153432013-11-18
Lucas House, John Paul & Alice Craft1601 E. 7th Street Charlotte080205011993-04-19
Lyles-Sims House523 N. Poplar Street Charlotte078036141988-12-19
Mabonsie312 S. Thompson Street Davidson007023052013-11-19
Mallonee-Jones House400 E. Kingston Avenue Charlotte123083011980-07-28
Martin-Worth-Henderson House310 Concord RoadDavidson007012092019-12-03
Massey-Clark House232 N. Trade Street Matthews215012032006-09-25
Matthews Post Office (Former)105 N. Charles Street
195 N. Trade Street
Matthews School123 and 100 E. McDowell Street Matthews227211341985-02-11
Mayer House311 E. Boulevard Charlotte123075031988-10-17
Mayes House, John & Idella435 E. Morehead StreetCharlotte125137041993-06-21
Mayfair Manor237 N. Tryon Street Charlotte078013161989-09-18
McAden House, Henry M.920 and 924 Granville RoadCharlotte155053061987-09-21
McAuley House, Ephraim Alexander14335 Huntersville-Concord Road Huntersville019401042001-02-20
McAuley Road Farmland15615, 16101, 16040, 16030, 15832 McAuley RoadHuntersville01113108, 01128105, 01128108,
McCausland Building-Thacker's Restaurant221 S. Tryon Street, Suites 1A, 100, 200, 300Charlotte12501313-12501316, 12501C982008-10-20
McClintock Rosenwald School14008 Erwin Road Charlotte201424721989-04-17
McCoy Farmhouse, Albert10401 McCoy Road Huntersville015201012010-06-21
McCoy House, W. T.429 E. Kingston Avenue Charlotte123082091982-08-16
McCoy's Barbershop & U.S. Post Office (Former)319 and 321 Main Street Pineville221061022006-09-12
McDonald's Cafeteria & Mini-Center2023 Beatties Ford RoadCharlotte069126252022-03-28
McElroy House10915 Beatties Ford Road Huntersville023031011999-09-07
McEwen-Moore Farmhouse2015 Moore Road Matthews215103092009-08-10
McIntyre Farm Site5801 Beatties Ford Road Charlotte037116041974-12-02
McLaughlin House, S. Bryce2023 and 2027 Greenway Avenue Charlotte127046091999-10-18
McLaughlin-Bost House415 W. John Street Matthews227026042005-11-28
McManaway House1700 Queens Road Charlotte153063051978-05-08
McNinch House, Frank R.2401 Sharon Lane Charlotte18301204, 183012151990-09-17
McQuay House3200 Tuckaseegee Road
3215 Avalon Avenue
Charlotte06504211, 06504204, 065042052005-12-19
Mecklenburg County Courthouse700 E. Trade Street Charlotte125032012001-12-17
Mecklenburg Investment Company Building229 S. Brevard Street, Suites 200 and 201
223 S. Brevard Street
Mecklenburg Mill3319, 3325, 3327 N. Davidson Street, Suites 100-107, 126, 128, 200, 201-231, 236, 238, 300-319, 322, 405-415, 417Charlotte09110104, 09110104B1987-05-18
Midwood Elementary School1817 Central AvenueCharlotte095078032016-11-21Behind the Vault Doors: Midwood Elementary School scrapbook
Mint Museum of Art2730 Randolph Road Charlotte155081011976-01-19
Morgan School510 S. Torrence Street Charlotte125225021993-05-17
Morrocroft3550 Governor's Lane Charlotte177078571982-08-16
Mount Carmel Baptist Church412 Campus Street Charlotte069011041983-12-19
Mt. Zion Lutheran Church1605 Luther Street Charlotte125115241990-06-18
Mt. Zion Methodist Church Parsonage19631 S. Main Street Cornelius005151372004-12-20
Mouzon House, Bishop Edwin D.800 Mt. Vernon Avenue Charlotte123093011993-05-17
Myers Park Streetcar Waiting StationsQueens Road CharlotteN/A1981-02-23
Myrtle Square Apartments1121 Myrtle Avenue, Suites 1-72Charlotte12305801-123058722007-05-21
Neal House, Calvin612 and 614 Walnut AvenueCharlotte071021412003-06-16
Nebel Knitting Mill101 W. Worthington AvenueCharlotte12101302
Nebel Knitting Mill Annex127 W. Worthington Avenue
1930 Camden Road
Neel House5517 Samuel Neel RoadCharlotte199211371977-03-07
Neely Slave CemeterySouth Ridge Drive Charlotte203202942000-12-18
Nevin School3523 Nevin RoadCharlotte04528106, 045281112020-07-13
Newcombe-McElwee House2817 Belvedere AvenueCharlotte095055342003-05-19
Newell House, Jake819 Sunnyside AvenueCharlotte080212051983-05-16
Newell House, W. B.8409 University East DriveCharlotte105021331982-12-06
Newell Rosenwald School1204 Torrence Grove Church RoadCharlotte049151161989-05-15
North Carolina Medical College Building229 N. Church Street, Suites 100, 101, 200-205, 300-304, 400-404, 500-502Charlotte07801C96, 07801236-078012561979-12-10
Oak Lawn12510 Oak Park DriveHuntersville015294011976-06-21
Oak Row306 and 308 Main Street Davidson00316201, 00316201A, 00316201B1977-07-18
Oakley House129 Main Street Pineville221064102003-06-10
Oehler House14401 Huntersville-Concord Road Huntersville01940102, 019401032002-12-16
Oehler House Acreage14401 Huntersville-Concord Road Huntersville01924231
Osborne House12445 Ramah Church Road Huntersville011202781999-09-07
Outen Pottery, R. F.430 Jefferson Street Matthews22702313, 227023192012-09-24
Overcarsh House326 W. 8th Street Charlotte078036061976-10-04
Palmer Fire School2601, 2607, 2615 E. 7th StreetCharlotte12709101, 12709102, 12709104-12709109, 12709C981990-06-18
Park Avenue408-417, 420-427 Park Avenue Pineville22107109-22107117, 22107201-221072092011-11-15
Parker House, Charles W.901 Central Avenue Charlotte080211071982-11-15
Parks Hutchison School 1400 N. Graham StreetCharlotte079017292003-05-19
Parks-Cramer Company Complex2000 South Boulevard, Suites 100, 100A, 150, 170, 175, 200, 225, 250, 300, 410, 420, 440, 500, 510, 520, 530, 540, 610, 620, 640
2006, 2010, 2028 South Boulevard
Parkwood Avenue Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church1017 Parkwood AvenueCharlotte083093092024-04-22
Peeps House, William H.831 E. Worthington AvenueCharlotte121082082021-08-09
Philanthropic Hall216 N. Main Street Davidson00316201, 00316201A1975-09-22
Phillips House and Morris Barn131 W. Charles StreetMatthews193262102014-07-14
Pineville Commercial Block312, 314, 316, 318, 320, 322, 324, 326, 328, 330 Main Street Pineville20501301, 20501302, 20501304-205013102007-11-13
Poplar Apartments301 W. 10th Street, Suites 101-108, 201-208, 301-308, 401-408, 501-508Charlotte07803C97, 07803716-078037541984-09-17
Potts Place11801 and 11825 Smith Road Cornelius00710118, 007081041976-06-21
Providence Presbyterian Church10140 Providence Church Lane Charlotte22538150, 231201011977-04-18
Providence Women's Club Community House9735 Community House Road Charlotte22901119, 229011181995-09-05
Purcell House, James & Elizabeth206 Lorimer Road Davidson007013052010-09-14
Ranson House412 S. Old Statesville Road Huntersville01711306, 017113162007-11-19
Ratcliffe Florist Shop413 S. Tryon Street Charlotte125052061985-01-21
Ratcliffe-Otterbourg House2100 Randolph Road Charlotte155027181996-12-16
Red Front Department Store1125 Belmont AvenueCharlotte081127052017-07-17
Reid House, Nancy134 W. John Street Matthews193262011987-08-24
Renfrow Commercial Properties156 N. Trade Street,
106 N. Trade Street,
125 E. John Street
Matthews21501303, 21501304, 21501416, 21501417 2023-04-24
Renfrow Hardware Store164 and 188 N. Trade StreetMatthews215013021991-11-25
Renfrow-Lemmond House344 W. John Street Matthews193251382005-11-28
Restormel829 Concord Road Davidson003151302007-02-13
Reynolds-Gourmajenko House715 Providence Road Charlotte155062031977-04-18
Robinson Rock House Ruin9763 Plaza Road Ext.Charlotte105111061981-11-16
Rogers House524 East Boulevard Charlotte121051121984-09-17
Rone House, Dr. J. J.17909 Marvin Road Charlotte229031141984-01-17
Rosedale3427 N. Tryon Street Charlotte085031041975-01-13
Roseland Cemetery10252 Monroe Road Matthews213231012012-09-24
John B. Ross and Company Mill820 Hamilton Street, Suites 19, A1-4, B1-7, B10-14, C1-3, C5-9
900 NC Music Factory Boulevard, Suites B2-4, B6, B7, C1, C2, C4
950 NC Music Factory Boulevard
1000 NC Music Factory Boulevard, Suites A1, A2, B8-12, B14, C1, C4, C6, C8-12
Rowland-Clay House606 E. Charles Street Matthews215041142005-11-28
Rozzell House, Edward M.11657, 11659, 11647, 11637, 11625 Old Rozzelles Ferry Road Charlotte03122252-031222562001-08-14
Rozzell House Property, Edward M.11601 Old Rozzelles Ferry RoadCharlotte031222582016-03-21
Rural Hill Directional Marker6645 Neck RoadHuntersville013012502022-11-07
Rural Hill Plantation4431, 4100, 4598, 4198 Neck Road Huntersville01323101-01323104, 01318101, 01318102, 01318109, 01318111, 013181121987-12-21
St. Lloyd Presbyterian Church Cemetery3711 Colony Road Charlotte177092062005-02-28
St. Mark's Episcopal Church8600 Mt. Holly-Huntersville Road Huntersville025161031983-09-19
St. Peter's Hospital229 N. Poplar Street, Suites 1-36Charlotte 07801C97, 07801105-078011401978-05-08
Sandifer House, Thomas T.12601 Moores Chapel Road Charlotte053161051997-08-12
Savona Mill528 S. Turner AvenueCharlotte071114172023-11-27
Scott House, Randolph1301 Dilworth Road Charlotte123102011988-10-17
Scott-Hoke House1717 Cleveland AvenueCharlotte123075211986-06-16
Seaboard Air Line Railroad Station945 N. College StreetCharlotte081012031980-02-11
Second Ward High School Gymnasium700 and 710 E. Martin Luther King Jr. BoulevardCharlotte125071262008-09-18
Settlers' Cemetery200 W. 5th Street
211 N. Church Street
Shaw House, Victor2400 Mecklenburg AvenueCharlotte095055442004-06-21
Designation Report Amendment
Sheppard House, John601 N. Poplar StreetCharlotte078031061992-07-20
Sherrill-Robbins House19726 Zion Avenue Cornelius007511212017-01-17
Shotgun House A236 Norwood DriveCharlotte065117181985-12-30
Shotgun House B236 Norwood DriveCharlotte065117181985-12-30
Siloam Schoolhouse10008 John Adams Road Charlotte029651052006-06-19
Simmons House625 Hermitage CourtCharlotte155023012021-01-04
Sloan-Davidson House314 W. 8th Street Charlotte078036081991-09-30
Sloan-Porter House10124 Walkers Ferry Road Charlotte113171022016-03-21
Smith Studios, Arthur5457 Monroe Road Charlotte163021422015-10-19
Smithville Rosenwald School19412 South Hill Street Cornelius005193012006-10-16
Southern Power Company Transformer House210 Delburg Street Davidson003262072004-11-09
Stafford-Holcombe FarmPlaza Road ExtensionCharlotte2021-09-27
Standard Oil Company of New Jersey Filling Station1010 N. Tryon Street Charlotte081024132005-06-20
Star of St. Matthews Lodge #566124 Morris RoadMatthews215042012017-10-23
Steele Creek Presbyterian Church7401 and 7407 Steele Creek Road Charlotte14121101, 14121101A, 14121101B1991-04-15
Stephens House, George821 Harvard Place Charlotte155053101985-01-21
Stone Entry Gates100 and 120 Beatties Ford Road Charlotte078201061985-06-17
Stough-Cornelius/Potts Barber Shop21324 Catawba AvenueCornelius005212142021-10-04
Stratton House911 W. 4th Street Ext. Charlotte07321325-073213272013-01-22
Sugaw Creek Schoolhouse101 W. Sugar Creek Road Charlotte087011151977-11-21
Sustare House, B. A.110 W. Matthews StreetMatthews193271142019-05-28
Sustare House, Barnum & Sarah13700 Idlewild Road Matthews215261052011-04-25
Sykes Brothers Building, Joseph 1445 S. Mint Street
316 W. Summit Avenue
Textile Mill Supply Company Building1300 S. Mint Street, Suites 100, 200, 300, 310, 400, 410Charlotte07326505, 07326507-07326512, 07326C992000-10-18
Thies Building500 N. Tryon Street Charlotte08003301, 080033021992-12-21
Thies House600 Ardsley Road Charlotte155044062000-12-18
Thompson-Anderson House858 Concord RoadDavidson007293012024-04-23
Thompson Orphanage Chapel1110 E. 4th Street
1121 and 1129 E. 3rd Street
Thrift Depot of the Piedmont and Northern Railroad Company8101 Old Mt. Holly Road Charlotte055012092010-07-19
Thrift Mill8300 Moores Chapel Road
401 Glasgow Road
Tompkins Machine Shop1900 South Boulevard, Suites 50, 100, 101, 105, 110, 200, 201, 225, 250, 302, 304, 306, 308Charlotte121015022002-06-17
Torrance Mill7828 Gilead Road Huntersville015091051979-12-03
Torrence-Lytle School302 Holbrooks Road Huntersville019093062005-11-21
Treloar House, William328 and 408 E. 7th Street Charlotte 080051161985-06-17
Trolley Walk2100 Blocks of E. 7th Street, Greenway Avenue and E. 5th Street CharlotteN/A1994-12-05
Unity Church Cabin/Lingle Hut213 and 219 Watson Street Davidson003254112008-12-09
VanLandingham Estate2010 The Plaza
1724 Belvedere Avenue
Charlotte09506101, 09506101A, 09506101B1977-11-21
Victoria1600 The PlazaCharlotte095079051975-01-13
Villalonga-Alexander House301 E. Park Avenue Charlotte123071011979-04-09
Wade House, H. M.530 Hermitage Road Charlotte155053071983-12-19
Wadsworth House400 S. Summit Avenue Charlotte071024111994-09-19
Walker House, Lucian H.328 E. Park AvenueCharlotte123076101989-09-18
Walker House, Robert J.329 E. Park Avenue Charlotte123071071981-05-18
Wallace Log House, Albert9425 Robinson Church RoadCharlotte111021052018-10-15
Walters Barbershop112 and 114 S. Main Street Huntersville019041062016-06-06
Washam Farm, Jesse & Mary K.15715 and 15619 Davidson-Concord RoadHuntersville01109214, 011092052003-12-01
Wearn House, Richard4928 Tuckaseegee Road Charlotte059032721979-12-10

Welch-McIntosh House3301 Gibbon Road Charlotte045372271997-12-15
White Oak7645, 7729, 7810 Hood Road
7756 Hammond Drive
Charlotte10808106, 10808207, 11136292, 111362932006-10-18
Whitley Building, Dr.4311 Hillside Drive Charlotte137065351989-04-13
Williams Memorial Presbyterian Church Wall and Marker4700 Beatties Ford RoadCharlotte041171012022-10-10
Wilmore Elementary School428 West BoulevardCharlotte119078012018-05-21
Wilson House, John C.11930 Bain School Road Charlotte197011441993-07-22
Wilson House, Roosevelt21207 Potts Street Cornelius003205102006-06-19
Wing Haven240, 248, 260 Ridgewood AvenueCharlotte15114219, 15114240, 151142412008-04-21
Woodlawn Avenue Duplex208 and 210 S. Irwin AvenueCharlotte073215092007-05-21
Woodlawn Bungalow1015 Margaret Brown StreetCharlotte073215132013-02-18
W.P.A. Douglas Airport Hangar4108 Minuteman WayCharlotte11522102a2010-07-19
Wyche-Dobson-McCoy House801 E. 8th StreetCharlotte080102082023-11-27
Yandell Hotel and Grocery Store329, 331, 333 Main Street
103 Dover Street
Young-Morrison House224 W. 10th Street
704 N. Poplar Street
Younts House, Samuel136 Main Street Pineville205014052003-12-09
Ziem House1812 E. 8th StreetCharlotte127032101987-05-18