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The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks Commission places properties on its Study List which it believes appear eligible for designation as a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic Landmark. Please consult the material in this form to determine whether you wish your property to be considered for such designation. Placement on the Study List does not guarantee that the Historic Landmarks Commission will vote to recommend that the local governing board designate your property as a Historic Landmark. In most instances it will be your responsibility to have a Survey and Research Report prepared which documents the historic, cultural and architectural significance of your property. The Survey and Research Report must conform to professional standards established by the Historic Landmarks Commission. In most instances this will require that you obtain the services of professional consultants.  Fees should be negotiated between you and the consultant you choose. The North Carolina Division of Archives and History maintains a list of consultants.  The Commission does have limited funds to prepare Survey and Research Reports on its own initiative.  These monies are reserved for properties which have high levels of historic significance and for which the owner would find it difficult to have a Survey and Research Report prepared.  If you would like for your property to be considered for such consideration, please contact the Commission office at 704-376-9115.  Or email:

Application for having a property considered for landmark designation 

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