Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks Commission

Author: Elizabeth Stuart

September 18, 2018

The Historic Landmarks Commission will seek County Commission approval for an exclusive, assignable option to purchase the Excelsior Club, located at 921 Beatties Ford Road, Charlotte, N.C. The Commission will be examining the feasibility of restoring the building. This is just the first step in saving the site. Stay tuned for more developments.

Excelsior Club

September 20, 2018 – 6:00 p.m.

1.  Chair’s Report: Jeff Parsons

2.  Director’s Report: Dan Morrill

a.  Explanation of Importance of Survey and Research Reports

3.  Senior Preservation Planner’s Report: Stewart Gray

4.  Consideration of Survey and Research Reports

a.  PowerPoint Presentation on Prospective Landmarks

Click Here for PowerPoint Presentation

b.  Charles R. McLaughlin House, 501 W. John Street, Matthews

Click Here for S&R Report

Charles R. McLaughlin House

Note: The interior of the McLaughlin House does not possess historic physical integrity, and is therefore not recommended for designation. 

c.  Barnum A. Sustare House, 110 W. Matthews Street, Matthews

Click Here for S&R Report

Barnum A. Sustare House

Note: The owner does not wish for the interior of the house to be included in the historic landmark. State law requires owner consent for interior designation; therefore, the interior of the house will not be included in the historic landmark. 

5.  Update on Cornelius Agricultural Building, 21126 Catawba Avenue, Cornelius

Click Here for Map of Property

Dr. Morrill is preparing the Survey and Research Report on the Cornelius Agricultural Building for presentation at the next meeting of the Survey Committee. 

6.  Update on Butler House, 240 Sylvania Avenue, Charlotte

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Butler House

7.  Consideration of a Comprehensive Survey of Historic Resources in the Beatties Ford Road Corridor

8.  Consideration of Identifying Historic Resources That Can Be Used for Affordable Housing  

9.  Old Business

10.  New Business


HLC Agenda – October 8, 2018

Draft Agenda

1.  Consideration of Minutes  Click Here for September 10th Minutes

2.  Chair’s Report — Tom Egan

3.  Director’s Report — Dan Morrill

4.  Senior Preservation Planner’s Report — Stewart Gray

5.  Design Review Committee Report — Garrett Nelson

6.  Survey Committee Report — Jeff Parsons

7.  Treasurer’s Report — Nathan Clark

8.  Projects Committee Report — Len Norman

9.  Old Business

10.  New Business

Streetcar 85 in the News

August 30, 2018

Streetcar 85 has been receiving quite a bit of media attention lately. The Historic Landmarks Commission is proud to be a part of restoring and bringing this piece of history back to Charlotte.

Streetcar 85 is featured in the Charlotte Observer article “What was it like when streetcars were ‘fundamental’ to Charlotte?” 


Lakewood Trolley has produced a short video documenting Streetcar 85’s return to Charlotte.