Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks Commission

Projects Committee Agenda – November 2017

November 2, 2017 – 8:00 a.m.

1.  Chair’s Report:  Mark Miller

2.  Director’s Report:  Dan Morrill

3.  Restoration Plan For The Charles E. Barnhardt House, 2733 Country Club Lane, Charlotte.
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Sandy Carnegie is overseeing the process of closing on the property, which should occur by November 13th.

Staff will be moving ahead with cleaning up the property and acquiring the statuary which was removed from the property by the previous owner.

Peter Wasmer, Project Manager, will be developing a Request For Qualifications which will form the basis of the bid process.  Staff will limit consideration of bids from parties who had demonstrated experience with working on historic structures.


4.  Status Report On The Edward M. Rozzel Farm, 11601 Old Rozzelles Ferry Road, Charlotte.
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The property is under contract.  The Due Diligence period will end in December.  Two issues have arisen:

Furniture was removed from White Oak when the property was sold.  It is stored in the c. 1950 house on the Rozzel Farm.  The prospective buyer has expressed interest in the furniture.  Staff believes that the best use of the furniture would be to have it used as part of the improvement of the Rozzel Farm.  There would also be expense in moving the furniture elsewhere.  Therefore, Staff recommends that the furniture be conveyed to the prospective buyer if they close on the property.  

Trash has been illegally dumped on the property.  Peter Wasmer will be overseeing its removal and will attempt to ascertain who was responsible. 

5.  Status Report On The Torrence Lytle School, 302 Holbrooks Road, Huntersville.
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The Commission has approved placing the entire property on the market.  If the property does not sell within a reasonable period, six months to one year, the Commission will consider demolishing all but the original school building and placing the property on the market again.

The Commission needs to select a realtor.

Staff has advised the Commission that water is penetrating the roofs of the buildings.  Repairs are needed.

The County continues to upfit the school’s gymnasium as a community recreation center.

6.  Status Report On The Walnut Avenue Project, 817-19 and 821 Walnut Avenue, Charlotte.  Click Here for Map of Property

Bobby Drakeford has applied for rezoning of the property.  He has informed Staff that he anticipates approaching the Commission in February with a specific proposal of how the Commission might be involved in the project.

7.  Status Report On The Wadsworth House Project, 400 South Summit Avenue, Charlotte.
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The Consulting Director and Mark Miller met with Pat Mills, realtor, and Shirley Fulton, owner of the property.  The Wadsworth House will be actively marketed.  Staff believes that the private market should be given the opportunity to purchase and preserve the house.

The owner is not interested in placing preservation covenants on the house. 

8.  Status Report On The VanLandingham Estate, 2010 The Plaza, Charlotte.  Click Here for Map of Property  

9.  Status Report On Former Fire Station Number Ten, 2136 Remount Road, Charlotte.  Click Here for Map of Property

Staff is scheduled to meet on November 13th with County officials to discuss preservation strategies for Former Fire Station Number 10 and the adjoining Dowd House.

10.  Paying Owners For Preservation Deed Covenants

11.  Old Business

12.  New Business