Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks Commission

HLC Agenda – December 11, 2023

The Historic Landmarks Commission will meet on Monday, December 11 at 6pm. This will be a hybrid meeting and visitors should plan to access the meeting remotely. If you need special accommodations, please contact the HLC office at 980-314-7660.

For those interested in speaking at the meeting, please register by 4pm on December 11 by emailing Note: Registration in advance is required to make public comments.

1.  Adoption of the Consent Agenda

a.  Approval of October HLC Minutes and November HLC Minutes

b.  Certificate of Appropriateness Application for the Charlotte Coliseum, 2700 E. Independence Boulevard, Charlotte

Staff Report

2.  Chair’s Report: Brian Clarke

3.  Public Comment Period

4.  Closed Session to Discuss a Legal Matter

5.  Quasi-Judicial Hearings

a.  Midwood Elementary School, 1817 Central Avenue, Charlotte

Staff Report

b.  William Grier House, 8120 Robbie Circle, Charlotte

Staff Report

6.  Consideration of Charlotte City Council Annual Report

7.  Financial Report: Stewart Gray  

8.  Community Outreach Committee Report: Victoria Grey

The Community Outreach Committee will meet at 5:00 p.m. on January 8, before the HLC meeting. 

9.  Survey Committee Report: Lesley Carroll

a.  Thompson-Anderson House, 858 Concord Road, Davidson

Designation Report

The Survey Committee presents a unanimous seconded motion recommending that the Historic Landmarks Commission process the Thompson-Anderson House, 858 Concord Road, Davidson, N.C., for historic landmark designation including the interior and exterior of the house and the property associated with tax parcel 00729301. 

Thompson-Anderson House

b.  Consideration of the Designation Report for the Steele Creek Manse, 7728 Steele Creek Road, Charlotte

Steele Creek Manse

The following item is for informational purposes only and does not need further action:

c.  The Survey Committee added the following properties to the Study List of Prospective Historic Landmarks:  

i.  Steele Creek Manse

ii.  Spratt-Grier Farm  

iii.  Smith-Richter House, 1030 Huntington Park Drive, Charlotte 

iv.  Camp Oak

v.  J.J. Akers House, 6501 Sardis Road, Charlotte

vi.  Sydenham B. Alexander, Jr. House, 250 Cherokee Road, Charlotte

vii.  Mary Rose and William Alexander Davis, Jr. House, 140 Lynbrook Drive, Davidson

viii.  Delburg Mill House, 225 Armour Street, Davidson

ix.  SVM Historical Consulting Presentation

The Survey Committee recommended adding these properties to the Study List and authorized staff to work with Susan Mayer to ensure applicable property details are included. 

10.  Projects Committee Report: Edwin Wilson

a.  Roof Repair for Torrence-Lytle School, 302 Holbrooks Road, Huntersville

b.  Closed Session to Discuss a Real Estate Item

11.  Historic Landmarks Staff Report

12.  Old Business

13.  New Business