Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks Commission

HLC Agenda – July 11, 2022

The July 11 meeting of the Historic Landmarks Commission will be a virtual meeting. Please note there will be no accommodation for any in-person attendance. If you need special accommodations, please contact the HLC office at 980-314-7660.

1.  Consideration of June HLC Minutes

2.  Chair’s Report: Brian Clarke as Vice-Chair

3.  Public Comment Period (Up to 3 Minutes Per Person)

4.  Financial Report: Jack Thomson

5.  Quasi-Judicial Hearings

a.  Ashford House, 241 Hoskins Avenue Drive, Charlotte

Staff Report

Ashford House

b.  Larkwood-Chadbourn Hosiery Mill Plant, 451 Jordan Place, Charlotte

Staff Report

Larkwood-Chadbourn Hosiery Mill Plant

c.  James C. Dowd House, 2216 Monument Street, Charlotte

Staff Report

James C. Dowd House

6.  Design Review: Stewart Gray

a.  First Baptist Church/Spirit Square, 318 N. Tryon Street, Charlotte

Presentation for the Redevelopment of Spirit Square and Connection to New Main Library

Additional Slides for Reference

First Baptist Church/Spirit Square

7.  Survey Committee Report: Brian Clarke

The following item is for informational purposes and does not need further action: 

The Survey Committee added the following properties to the HLC’s Study List of Prospective Historic Landmarks: 

a.  858 Concord Road, Davidson

858 Concord Road, Davidson

b.  838 Concord Road, Davidson

838 Concord Road, Davidson

c.  255 Ridgewood Avenue, Charlotte

255 Ridgewood Avenue, Charlotte

d.  114 Norwood Drive, Charlotte

114 Norwood Drive, Charlotte

e.  2004 Park Drive, Charlotte

2004 Park Drive, Charlotte

f.  Former Croft School, 9413 Old Statesville Road, Charlotte

9413 Old Statesville Road, Charlotte

g.  Lambeth House, 435 Hermitage Road, Charlotte

Additional Information

435 Hermitage Road, Charlotte

8.  HLC Staff Report

9.  Old Business

10.  New Business