Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks Commission


VanLandingham Estate

The Historic Landmarks Commission continues to work on a preservation strategy for the VanLandingham Estate in Plaza Midwood.  It too is a challenge.  The fundamental issues is how to make saving the estate economically viable

Wadsworth House

The Commission is working to devise a preservation solution for the Wadsworth House in the Wesley Heights Neighborhood.  It is a historic landmark, so no immediate threat to the house exists.  However, there is a likelihood that the property will be placed on the market in the near future.  The Commission understands that whatever happens to the property is vitally important for the character of Wesley Heights.

Barnhardt House

The Historic Landmarks Commission anticipates that it will purchase the Barnhardt House on Country Club Lane in the Plaza-Midwood Neighborhood in late September. Thereafter, the Commission will be making improvements to the property and offering it for sale. Preservation covenants will be placed in the deed to assure the preservation of the house.


Rosenwald Schools Update

The Commission is involved in attempting to preserve the Siloam Rosenwald School, located near UNCC.  Rosenwald Schools are extremely important in African American history.  Julius Rosenwald, head of Sears Roebuck & Co., joined with the Booker T. Washington in developing plans for new schools for African American children in the South.  The Siloam Rosenwald School is suffering from neglect.  The owners have yet to demonstrate a commitment to its preservation.  Click for Video.

The Commission has submitted an offer to purchase the Charles E. Barnhardt House on Country Club Lane in the Plaza-Midwood Neighborhood.  The Commission has been working with the owner and believes that the prospects for preserving the house are promising.  The Commission will offer the house for sale with protective covenants in the deed.  Designed by architect Martin E. Boyer, Jr., the house was completed in 1938.  The plans for the house are in the archives of North Carolina State University.