Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks Commission


Event Details

Date: Wednesday, July 10th
Registration: Register Online by July 9th
Time: 6 p.m. (rain or shine).
Park: Mount Entrance Parking Lot, 1774 Statesville Avenue, Charlotte
Meeting Location: Picnic tables outside of That’s Novel Books, Camp North End (330 Camp Road, Charlotte)
For More Information: Click Here

Fifty years ago today, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks Commission was created by joint action of the Charlotte City Council and Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners!

And what a time we’ve had! Historic preservation, particularly in a fast-growing area, is full of rewards and challenges and we’ve had our fair share of both. We’re proud of having designated over 360 local landmarks throughout Mecklenburg County over the last 50 years while also leading countless other preservation efforts, large and small.

We’d never be able to do this important work without a supportive community – committed property owners, local governing boards, other preservation groups, and of course each one of you keep our work going. And we can’t forget our current and past Commissioners and committee members who volunteer their time for this cause.

Contrary to what you may hear, Mecklenburg County remains full of history. While some landmarks are more popular than others – Optimist Hall, anyone? – all are important.

Come along with us and explore milestones from our first 50 years with this interactive story map.

We’re excited to announce that we have a new interactive map layer for your Google Maps! If you’ve ever wondered where a designated historic landmark is located, wonder no more. Click around the map below to explore all of the historic landmarks throughout Mecklenburg County. Have fun exploring!