Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks Commission

Survey Committee Agenda – November 2023

The Survey Committee will meet on Wednesday, November 29 at 6pm. This will be a hybrid meeting and visitors should plan to attend the meeting remotely. If you need special accommodations, please contact the HLC office at 980-314-7660.

1.  Chair’s Report: Lesley Carroll

2.  Update from HLC Chair Brian Clarke

a.  Study List Additions: 

i.  Steele Creek Manse

ii.  Spratt-Grier Farm off Robbie Circle (MK1875).  

iii.  Smith-Richter House 

iv.  Camp Oak

3.  Little House, 1136 Queens Road, Charlotte

Additional Resources

Little House

4.  Consideration of Placement on the Study List of Prospective Historic Landmarks

a.  J.J. Akers House, 6501 Sardis Road, Charlotte

Additional Documents Here and Here

History of Property

Newspaper Articles

J.J. Akers House

b.  Sydenham B. Alexander, Jr. House, 250 Cherokee Road, Charlotte

Report on Property

Additional Documents

Additional Photographs

Sydenham B. Alexander House

c.  Mary Rose and William Alexander Davis, Jr. House, 140 Lynbrook Drive, Davidson

Cynthia Bostick (1934-1992) Architect

Mary Rose and William Alexander Davis, Jr. House

5.  Delburg Mill House, 225 Armour Street, Davidson

Delburg Mill House

6.  Thompson-Anderson House, 858 Concord Road, Davidson

Designation Report

Thompson-Anderson House

7.  Presentation for Study List Consideration by SVM Historical Consulting 

8.  Site Visit to Westchester Community   

9.  Updates 

a.  Bonnie Cone House, 9234 Sandburg Avenue, Charlotte

Bonnie Cone House

b.  Caldwell Bradford Schoolhouse, 16401 Davidson-Concord Road, Davidson

Caldwell Bradford Schoolhouse

c.  Recent Public Hearings: Savona Mill, Wyche-Dobson-McCoy House, Funderburk House interior

d. Beard-Rogers-McConnell House, 119 Gilead Road, Huntersville

Beard-Rogers-McConnell House

e. Endangered Steele Creek Properties 

10.  Old Business

11.  New Business