Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks Commission

The Town of Matthews green scene is growing. Historic R.F. Outen Pottery is becoming a park!

This video, shot on 8mm film for WBTV in the 1960s, shows Rufus Franklin Outen.

Rufus Franklin Outen was born into a family of potters so it was no surprise when he opened R.F. Outen Pottery around 1950 as a small business. He specialized in stoneware churns. It’s claimed that he could turn 100 pieces a day, earning him the nickname “Churn Turner.”

The R. F. Outen Pottery is a rare surviving example of a workshop and pottery that produced utilitarian earthenware and stoneware for local use from local clays. Today those handmade, everyday vessels are quite valuable and highly collectible!

Location: 430 Jefferson Street, Matthews