Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks Commission

Survey Committee Agenda – October 2018

October 30, 2018 – 6:00 p.m.

1.  Chair’s Report: Jeff Parsons

2.  Director’s Report: Dan Morrill

Charles R. McLaughlin House

I have talked with the owner of the McLaughlin House about the amount of land to be included in the proposed historic landmark.  She has agreed that the rear line should be ten feet from the rear- most portion of the house.  I talked with Jay Camp, Senior Planner of the Town of Matthews.  He stated that he thought that the edges of the tax parcel should be the side and front boundaries of the landmark.  In keeping with statements made at the last Survey Committee meeting, the owner wants the side and front boundaries of the landmark to extend to edges of right of way of the abutting streets.  I have consulted with Sandy Carnegie who states that a title search and a survey will be necessary to extend the boundaries beyond the tax parcel and to determine ownership of the affected land. 

Staff recommends that the Committee allow staff to investigate the issues associated with the proposed landmark and report back to the Committee at its next meeting.

3.  Senior Preservation Planner’s Report: Stewart Gray

4.  Consideration of Survey and Research Reports

a.  Cornelius High School Agricultural Building, 21126 Catawba Avenue, Cornelius, N.C.

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Cornelius Agricultural Building

b.  Derita High School Gymnasium, 6115 Rumple Road, Charlotte, N.C.

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Derita High School Gymnasium

Derita High School Gymnasium

5. Consideration of Placement on the Study List of Prospective Historic Landmarks

a.  Mallard Creek Presbyterian Church Slave Cemetery, 1600 W. Mallard Creek Church Road, Charlotte, N.C.  

Mallard Creek Presbyterian Church Slave Cemetery

Slave Cemeteries are important cultural artifacts.  Approximately 40 percent of Mecklenburg County’s population in 1860 was enslaved.  The Commission has already secured historic landmark designation for the W. T. Alexander Cemetery Slave Cemetery and the Neely Slave Cemetery.  The Mallard Creek Slave Cemetery deserves the same level of protection and recognition.  The Consulting Director is requesting approval to prepare the Survey and Research Report.

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6.  Old Business

7.  New Business