Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks Commission

Projects Agenda — September 2018

September 6, 2018 – 6:00 p.m.

1.  Chair’s Report:  Len Norman

2.  Director’s Report:  Dan Morrill

3.  Update on Projects  August 2018 Project Budget

a.  Excelsior Club, 921 Beatties Ford Road, Charlotte, N.C.  Executive Session

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Dr. Morrill, Tom Egan, and William Hughes met with Carla Cunningham, the owner of the property.  The potential purchase price was discussed.  The Commission has received an appraisal on the property and an estimate of the stabilization costs.  Staff recommends that a meeting be scheduled with the owner to determine what price the owner would accept for the parcel.  Thereafter, the Committee can formulate a recommendation to submit to the HLC.

b.  Pecan Avenue Duplex, 1437 Pecan Avenue, Charlotte, N.C.

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The property is being marketed by Edwin Wilson, Jr.  The option to purchase is in place.  Staff will be assisting with the marketing of the property. An issue has arisen concerning whether the HLC must obtain County approval for entering into the option.  Staff is working on resolving this issue.

c.  Former Mt. Carmel Baptist Church, 412 Campus Street, Charlotte, N.C.

The City of Charlotte has notified Johnson C. Smith University, owner of the property, that the building must be brought up to code by October 10th.  Otherwise, it will be demolished.  Preservation North Carolina holds preservation covenants on the property that prevent demolition.  Staff and PNC will meet with the President of Johnson C. Smith University on September 24th to discuss possible preservation solutions.

d.  Torrence Lytle School, 302 Holbrooks Road, Huntersville, N.C.

The prospective buyer has withdrawn from the contract.  The Commission has voted to move forward with demolishing all buildings except the original building and marketing the property largely as vacant land.  Staff believes that such action would be premature.  For now the buildings should be mothballed and marketing should await the completion of the upfit of the adjoining County building.  Staff has asked Peter Wasmer, Project Manager, to determine what improvements need to be made in the interim.  Staff recommends that a consultant be hired to investigate affordable housing financing.

e.  Ingleside, 7225 Bud Henderson Road, Huntersville, N.C.

Staff recommends that the future disposition of the property be considered in conjunction with other agencies in North Mecklenburg, including the Town of Huntersville.  The National Trust For Historic Preservation has expressed a willingness to consider a matching grant for an adaptive reuse feasibility study.  The Board of County Commissioners has recognized the purchase money from the HLC Revolving Fund.  The closing is scheduled for September 10th.

f.  Wallace Log House, 9425 Robinson Church Road, Charlotte, N.C.

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The Public Hearing with City Council to consider designation of the property will occur on September 17th.  The current owners will lease the property after closing, which should occur in late October.  The property will be actively marketed after closing.  The Board of County Commissioners has recognized the purchase money from the HLC Revolving Fund.

g.  Charles E. Barnhardt House, 3217 Maymont Place, Charlotte, N.C.  

The HLC continues to market the property.  A roof will be installed in the very near future and other mandated improvements will also be made.  The developer of the property has granted an extension until September 30th of the time in which improvements must be made.

Staff is requesting that the Projects Committee approve spending $5,150 for a National Register nomination for the property. 

h.  Former Fire Station Number Ten, 2136 Remount Road, Charlotte, N.C.  

Discussions of the future disposition of the property continue.

i.  James C. Dowd House, 2216 Monument Street, Charlotte, N.C.  

Discussions of the future disposition of the property continue.

j.  McConnell House, 4009 Beatties Ford Road, Charlotte, N.C.  

McConnell House

Staff continues to negotiate with Martin Marietta, the owner of the property.  Staff hopes to secure an exclusive, assignable option to purchase that is co-terminus with the Certificate of Appropriateness which has been issued to the owner.  Staff is working to schedule a meeting with the owner to discuss preservation strategies.

k.  Morgan School, 510 S. Torrence Street, Charlotte, N.C.   

Staff continues to discuss the future disposition of the property.  The HLC submitted an offer in November 2016 to purchase the property.  CMS is reviewing the status of all of its surplus property.  CMS will report on the status of the prospective sale of the Morgan School once the review is finished.

l.  Patterson Grocery Building, 2515 Booker Avenue, Charlotte, N.C.

Residents of Washington Heights have contacted the Commission and have expressed a desire to see the Patterson Grocery Building preserved.  Staff is seeking to meet with the prospective buyer to discuss preservation solutions.  The prospective buyer is scheduled in approximately two weeks, after which a meeting will be scheduled with the new owner.

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