Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks Commission

Projects Committee Agenda – October 2017

1. Chair’s Report:  Mark Miller

2. Consulting Director’s Report:  Dan Morrill

3. Update on the Rozzel Farm:  Dan Morrill and Eric Gamble

The prospective buyer has withdrawn the letter of intent. Eric Gamble, realtor, will be exposing the property for MLS listing. HLC Staff will meet with Brian Jenest to consider development options for the property.

4. Update on Possible Participation in the Preservation of Houses
in Wesley Heights: Dan Morrill and Bobby Drakeford

Description of Wesley Heights Project – Walnut Avenue

Bobby Drakeford, the developer, will be submitting a rezoning application for the properties at 817-819 and 821 Walnut Avenue. Mr. Drakeford is seeking HLC participation in the improvement of the property. Specifically, he proposes that the HLC purchase, preserve, and sell the existing house and duplex. Mr. Drakeford would subdivide the property, purchase the rear portion, and construct townhouses. HLC Staff understands that this proposal would have to go through the standard due diligence process. Staff is enthusiastic about possible HLC involvement because the project would demonstrate how preservation can be compatible with new construction. 

5. Update on Status of the Charles E. Barnhardt House:  Dan Morrill, Stewart Gray, Jay Rhodes

Due Diligence and Appraisal
Request for Board Action
Barnhardt Comps from August 31, 2016
Comparable Listings from the Past Year and Comparative Market Analysis

Jay Rhodes, of the County Asset and Facility Management department, has informed HLC Staff that Peter Wasmer, Project Manager for the Barnhardt project, is on leave until October 22nd. In view of this fact, the County will need to have the HLC hire and pay a Project Manager to assume all or some part of the management of the upfit of the house and grounds. This will add some costs to the project.

6. Update on Status of the Torrence Lytle School:  Dan Morrill and Sandy Carnegie

If the prospective buyer does not close on the property, the HLC has decided to expose the property to the market for a period of one year. The Commission will need to select a realtor to market the property.

7. Old Business

The County has obtained its appraisal of the James C. Dowd House and Former Charlotte Fire Station Number 10.  Stewart Gray will complete the physical description of the interior of Former Fire Station Number 10 when the County completes the environmental cleanup of the building.  The County will be holding discussions with the HLC Staff about preservation strategies for the properties.

8. New Business