Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks Commission

Survey Committee Agenda – March 2023

The Survey Committee will meet on Wednesday, March 29 at 6 pm. Location: HLC Office at 2100 Randolph Road, Charlotte

1.  Chair’s Report: Brian Clarke

2.  Property Updates 

a.  Abernathy House, 7040 Pleasant Grove Road, Charlotte

7040 Pleasant Grove Road, Charlotte

b.  Tudor-Style Houses, 858 and 838 Concord Road, Davidson

858 Concord Road, Davidson

838 Concord Road, Davidson

c.  Rogers McConnell House, 119 Gilead Road, Huntersville

Rogers McConnell House

d.  Conner-Falls House, 122 Mock Road, Davidson

Conner-Falls House

e.  Tuckaseegee Trail

Tuckaseegee Trail

Tuckaseegee Trail

f.  801 E. 8th Street, Charlotte

801 E 8th Street, Charlotte

g.  Renfrow Properties

Renfrow Commercial Properties

h.  Baxter Davidson Monuments

Rural Hill Directional Marker

i.  Sinister Wisdom, 3116 Country Club Drive, Charlotte

Sinister Wisdom

3.  Hyde Park Estates

Hyde Park Estates

4.  Lambeth-Sullivan House Designation Report  

Lambeth-Sullivan House

5.  Consideration of Placement on the Study List of Prospective Historic Landmarks

a.  Our Lady of Consolation Catholic Church, 2301 Statesville Avenue, Charlotte

Additional Documents

Our Lady of Consolation Catholic Church

b.  Morrow House, 5508 Greene Street, Charlotte

5508 Greene Street

c.  Sarah Mingo Stevenson House, 2000 St. Paul Street, Charlotte 

Sarah Mingo Stevenson House

d.  Shuffletown Drag Strip

Shuffletown Drag Strip

Shuffletown Drag Strip

Shuffletown Drag Strip

6.  Priorities for Funding Reports

7.  Adventure Club: Steele Creek Cemetery Preservation Event 

The Adventure Club is headed back to Steele Creek Cemetery to continue preservation efforts on April 22 from 9am – noon.

8.  HLC 50th Anniversary Update

9.  Old Business

10.  New Business