Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks Commission

Historic Landmarks Commission 2022 Recap

Ten Properties Designated as Historic Landmarks

Four Adventure Club Outings in its Inaugural Year

COAs by the Numbers

Total COA Application Rulings = 63

Approved = 56

Approved with Conditions = 6

Denied = 1

Withdrawn/Deferred/Resubmitted = 3

    Total COA Applications Received = 95

    Minor Works = 81

    Major Works = 14

    Revolving Fund Activities

    Loans by the HLC for the purchase of the Rozzell House and Ingleside were paid off early!

    The sale of Outen Pottery to the Town of Matthews was completed with their final payment.

    The Wallace House was sold to excellent buyers pursuing the preservation of the property.

        HERE’S TO 2023!!