Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks Commission

Survey Committee Agenda – December 2020

The Survey Committee meeting scheduled for Wednesday, December 16, 2020, will be a virtual meeting. Please note there will be no accommodation for any in-person attendance. If you need special accommodations, please contact the HLC office at 980-314-7660.

December 16, 2020 – 6:00 p.m. 

1.  Chair’s Report: Brian Clarke  

2.  Staff Report: Jack Thomson and Stewart Gray

3.  Updates 

a.  Stafford Slave Cabin, Charlotte

Stafford Slave Cabin

b.  Pineville Mill Village (Cone Avenue)

Polaris Map of 429 Cone Avenue

Pineville Mill Village National Register Historic District

429 Cone Avenue

433 Cone Avenue

c.  Potts Barbershop, 21324 Catawba Avenue, Cornelius

Polaris Map of Property

Potts Barbershop

d.  Huntersville Rosenwald School, 508 Dellwood Drive, Huntersville

Polaris Map of Property

Huntersville Rosenwald School

e.  Samuel Grier House, 421 Montrose Street, Charlotte

Polaris Map of Property

Grier House

f.  Commercial Bldg, 857 Belmont Avenue, Charlotte

Polaris Map of Property

857 Belmont Avenue

g.  Beatties Ford Road Survey

h.  Dendrochronology Project

4.  Consideration of Placement on the Study List of Prospective Historic Landmarks

a.  McDonalds Cafeteria, 2023 Beatties Ford Road, Charlotte

Polaris Map of Property

McDonalds Cafeteria

b.  Blythe House, 121 Gilead Road, Huntersville

Polaris Map of Property

Blythe House

5.  Consideration of Designation Reports 

a.  Peeps House, 831 E. Worthington Avenue, Charlotte

Polaris Map of Property

Historic Information

Designation Report

Peeps House

b.  Ervin Building, 4037 E. Independence Boulevard, Charlotte  

Polaris Map of Property

Designation Report

Ervin Building

6.  Old Business

7.  New Business