Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks Commission

Director’s Report — June 10, 2019

1.  Standards for Preparing Survey and Research Reports on Prospective Historic Landmarks

State Statute requires that all Survey and Research Reports be submitted to the State Historic Preservation Office for comment. Amber Stimpson is the individual responsible for producing letters of comment. Ms. Stimpson has recently circulated a checklist of items which Survey and Research Reports should contain. Staff recommends that Ms. Stimpson be invited to meet with the Historic Landmarks Commission to explain the purpose of the checklist.  

2.  Future Revolving Fund Activities

Currently, the Historic Landmarks Commission has six active real estate projects. They are: Ingleside, Torrence Lytle, Wallace Property, Barnhardt House, Louise Cotton Mill House, and Former Standard Oil Service Station. Staff believes that until the new Director is hired, the Commission should focus on completing existing projects and not undertaking new projects. Activities that might be considered are securing options to purchase, including structures in local historic districts.

3.  Consequences of Historic Landmark Designation

The Commission might consider expanding the consequences of historic landmark designation to include retaining designation, consequently design review, after the principal structures on the landmark have been demolished. Another dimension of designation might be to pursue including in the ordinance the prohibition of demolition by neglect. 

4.  Bland Street Shotgun Houses

I have learned that the City plans to build affordable housing on the site presently occupied by two Shotgun Houses that the Commission moved to the location in the 1980s. The Commission should consider alternative locations to which the Shotgun Houses might be moved.  

5.  Dowd House/Fire Station No. 10 Project 

The completion of an agreement between the County and prospective buyers of the subject properties has been delayed.  The Historic Camp Greene Neighborhood Association has expressed reservations about the terms of the project.

6.  Preserve Mecklenburg Inc.

a.  Excelsior Club Most Endangered List

Preserve Mecklenburg, a newly established private preservation group, was responsible for cooperating with the National Trust for Historic Preservation in publicizing the selection. The overall effort was most successful. 

b.  Edgewood Plantation

Preserve Mecklenburg has identified a prospective buyer for Edgewood Plantation, a designated historic landmark. The buyers will present their site plan for approval by the Historic Landmarks Commission through the regular design review process. 

c.  Victor Shaw House

This is to inform you that the owner of the Victor Shaw House preferred to enter into an option to purchase with Preserve Mecklenburg, because Preserve Mecklenburg is a non-governmental entity. The option to purchase is in place, and Preserve Mecklenburg will be seeking buyers for the property. Whatever site plan might be produced will be presented to the Historic Landmarks Commission for approval through the regular design review process. 

Respectfully Submitted,

Dr. Dan L. Morrill