Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks Commission

Projects Committee Agenda – April 2018

April 3, 2018 – 8:00 a.m.

1.  Chair’s Report: Mark Miller

2.  Director’s Report: Dan Morrill

3.  Status Report on Charlotte Streetcar 85  (Closed Session?)

Charlotte Streetcar 85

Streetcar 85 is leased to the North Carolina Transportation Museum.  The lease contract permits the Commission to terminate the lease and transport the Streetcar to Charlotte if Lakewood Trolley has demonstrated that it has the capacity to establish and maintain a vintage trolley operation in Charlotte.  The Projects Committee will discuss whether it should begin the process of returning Streetcar 85 to Charlotte.  Sandy Carnegie would be responsible for preparing the necessary documents if the decision is made to terminate the lease with the North Carolina Transportation Museum.

Len Norman and Dan Morrill and others did tour the building where Streetcar 85 will be stored if it is returned to Charlotte.

         Click For Streetcar Maintenance Schedule

Click Here For Proposed Lease Of Streetcar To Lakewood Trolley

4.  Update on Charles E. Barnhardt House, 2733 Country Club Lane, Charlotte

Charles E. Barnhardt House

Peter Wasmer and the Project Management Committee have completed the process of preparing the house for sale.  They will report on the progress they have made.  

Some sentiment has been expressed about the need for the Commission to consider purchasing an additional lot at the Barnhardt House.  Some believe that this will increase the marketability of the property.  The lot is available.

Must Be Considered In Closed Session.  

Click Here To See Lot.

       Click Here For Photographs Of Lot

Barnhardt House in 1999

I took this photograph from the driveway entrance to the Barnhardt property on July 14, 1999.  The Commission approached the owners about securing historic landmark designation for the 15-acre site.  The owners were not interested in designation.  

5.  Update on Torrence Lytle School, 302 Holbrooks Road, Huntersville

Torrence-Lytle School

Realtor Michael Sullivan of the Nichols Company continues to market the property.   The listing contract with the Nichols Company terminates in May.  An offer has been submitted for the HLC’s consideration.

         a.  Consideration of an offer from prospective buyers of the Torrence Lytle School.  Click To See Map Of Property

                 Click For Offer To Purchase

Update on Wadsworth House, 400 S. Summit Avenue, Charlotte

Wadsworth House

An appraisal of the property will be presented to the Historic Landmarks Commission at its April 9th meeting.

7.  Update on Wallace Log House, 9425 Robinson Church Road, Charlotte

Wallace Log House

Click For Photos Of Wallace House

The Commission is under contract to purchase the property.  The Due Diligence Period has begun.  The Wallace House property will have to be designated as a historic landmark before closing.  Stewart Gray will do the architectural description, and I will seek approval to do the historical essay.  The Survey and Research Report will be presented directly to the HLC at its May meeting.  The purchase order for the appraisal has been approved.

8.  Old Business

9.  New Business

a.  Ingleside Plantation


The owner of Ingleside Plantation, which is protected by deed covenants placed by the HLC when it owned the property, has informed Staff that the property is about to go into foreclosure.  Staff is investigating the situation.

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