Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks Commission

Director’s Report — February 12, 2018


A.  Action Items.

1.  In December 2016, the Commission voted to set a limit for the amount of money it would spend for a generator and associated equipment to provide power to Streetcar 85.  A request for an increased amount of funding has been presented,  Staff recommends that this request be referred to the Projects Committee and that the Projects Committee be empowered to approve a final budget, subject to County approval.

Click For Background Information On Streetcar 85.

B.  Information Items.

1.  Charles E. Barnhardt House.  The refurbishment of the house and grounds has begun.  Peter Wasmer has been coordinating his management with the Barnhardt Ad Hoc Committee.  I am most appreciative of the time and energy given to this project by Laura Hoover, Tom Egan, and Garrett Nelson.  Eric Gamble, realtor, has also made important contributions to marketing strategy of the property.

2.  Torrence Lytle School.  Michael Sullivan, realtor, has been marketing the property and has shown it to many prospective buyers.

3.  Project Management Discussions.  HLC Staff and members of the Barnhardt Ad Hoc Committee and the Projects Committee have had discussions with County staff during the past month about alternatives that might be available for management of HLC projects.  The County has asked the Commission to develop a list of prospective projects for 2018-19 to justify changes in the current project management system.

4.  Dowd House and Former Fire Station Ten.  The prospective buyer of the Dowd House and Fire Station Ten have submitted its offer to Mecklenburg County.  The County is considering how best to proceed.  HLC Staff anticipates that it will be involved in future discussions.

5.  American Legion Memorial Stadium.  The County is considering the replacement of the current facility with a new multi-purpose stadium.  The HLC will be asked to participate in discussions, since the current stadium is a historic landmark.

6.  Meetings With Community Officials.  HLC Staff has met during the last month with officials in Matthews, Huntersville, Cornelius, and Davidson.  Future meetings will occur with Charlotte and Pineville officials.  The purpose of these meetings is to ascertain the preservation needs and challenges of each community.

7.  Edward Rozzel Farm.  The closing of the Rozzel Farm has occurred, and the new owners will be moving ahead with restoration of the historic structures on the property.  An article about the property will be appearing in the Charlotte Observer.

8.  Status of Revolving Fund.  The Revolving Fund is at a crossroads.  It continues to be a vital component of the HLC’s program.  The Commission has fewer current projects than it has had for many years.  This circumstance provides the current members with a challenging opportunity.

Respectfully submitted,

Dan L. Morrill