Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks Commission

Director’s Report January 8, 2018

1.  Charles E. Barnhardt House.  Peter Wasmer is gathering the necessary quotes to prepare the Purchase Orders to commence rehabilitation of the property.  He is also coordinating a cleanup of the interior of the house by volunteers from Preservation North Carolina.  Eric Gamble, HLC realtor, will be placing the property for sale.  Staff will be producing promotional videos to assist with marketing.

2.  Parkwood A.R.P. Church.  Staff has been in touch with the new owners of the property about the prospect of historic landmark designation, which the Commission has already voted to recommend.  The Commission no longer needs to entertain the prospect of purchasing  property.

3.  Morgan School.  There have been no new developments regarding the status of the property.  The Charlotte Mecklenburg School System is still awaiting a decision about the City’s interest in purchasing the property.

4.  Rozzel Farm.  The Commission is under contract to sell the property.  The closing shall occur on or before January 12, 2018.  The Projects Committee agreed to delay the closing because of complications arising because of complexities of determining the boundaries of the property.

5.  Torrence Lytle School.  The property is currently being marketed for sale.  Staff will be working with Michael Sullivan, realtor, to assist with making the public aware of the property.

6.  Purchase of Fixtures at Barnhardt House.  In January 2017, an ad hoc committee of the Commission inspected elements that had been removed from the house by the Cramer family.  It was determined that the Commission should limit its purchase to those fixtures that had been attached to the house.  Staff recommends that it approve the purchase of these items, as they contribute to the historic integrity of the property. Click Here For Description

7.  Bruce Bowers continues to work on editing the video which explains the impact of the revolving fund on preserving historic landmarks in Charlotte-Mecklenburg.  Staff will provide assistance as needed.

8.  The issue of the County’s conveying the Former Charlotte Fire Station 10 and the James C. Dowd House is still in process.  Staff has been meeting with a prospective buyer concerning design review issues.

9.  Len Norman and I met with Roy Johnson of the North Carolina Transportation Museum, who is overseeing the work needed to place Streetcar 85 into active service.  The aim is to complete the process in the first half of 2018.

10.  Len Norman and I met with City Council members Gregory Phipps and Larken Egleston and with staff and board members of the Charlotte Museum of History to discuss strategies for preserving the Siloam School.  

11.  The Drakeford Company has filed for rezoning of the property on Walnut Avenue on which it intends to build townhouses.  If the rezoning is successful, the Drakeford Company might approach the Commission about the prospect that the HLC will purchase the historic structures on the property.  

12.  Staff has met with the Cornelius staff to discuss how the HLC can assist in advancing historic preservation in the town.  Staff has arranged for meetings with Matthews, Davidson, and Huntersville.  Staff is also seeking meetings with Charlotte and Pineville.

Respectfully submitted,

Dan L. Morrill