Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks Commission

Director’s Report – October 2017

1.  Charles Barnhardt House  — Charlotte.  The owner has informed the HLC Staff that the map and plat of the property will be filed this week.  City Council will vote on the prospective designation on October 16th.  Soon thereafter, the Commission will close on the property.

Charles Barnhardt House


2.  Alexander Farm — Huntersville.  The Commission continues to discuss preservation strategies with the Town of Huntersville.

3.  Torrence Lytle School — Huntersville.  The prospective buyer has until October 11th to close on the property.  The prospective buyer has requested an extension.  After October 11, the Commission could place the property back on the market for sale.

Torrence Lytle School

4.  Former Fire Station Number 10 and the James C. Dowd House — Charlotte.  The County has acquired an appraisal on the property.  Stewart Gray is awaiting the completion of the environmental cleanup of the Fire Station, so he can complete the physical description of the property.  Staff anticipates that the County will want to hold meetings to discuss preservation strategies.


Fire Station #10

James C. Dowd House

5.  Edward M. Rozzel Farm — Charlotte.  Eric Gamble, realtor, has listed the house in MLS and is receiving many inquiries.  An offer has been received.  HLC will consider it under New Business.


Edward M. Rozzel Farm

6.  Star St. Matthews Lodge — Matthews.  The public hearing of the Matthews Town Board on the prospective historic landmark designation of the property will occur on October 23rd.


Star St. Matthews Lodge

7.  Huntersville & Huntersville ETJ Survey — Huntersville.  As directed by the Commission, Staff contacted the Town of Huntersville about the prospect of participating financially in the project.  Huntersville declined.  Staff consulted with HLC Chair and is moving ahead with the survey.

8.  Pump Shaft Head of the Rudisill Gold Mine — Charlotte.  Staff has received word that the owner of the property on which the Pump Shaft Head of the Rudisill Gold Mine objects to historic landmark designation of the property.  Legally, owner consent is not required.

Rudisill Hill Gold Mine

9.  Congratulations to Larken Egleston for his election as the District One representative on the Charlotte City Council.  Unfortunately, Larken will have to resign from the HLC in December.  The Commission must name a new Vice Chair.

10.  Walters’s Barbershop — Huntersville.  WBTV has requested that all HLC public documents, including emails, related to the purchase and sale of the Walters’s Barbershop be submitted to WBTV.  HLC attorney Sandy Carnegie has advised the HLC Staff to comply.



Walters’s Barbershop

11.  Work has begun on the adaptive reuse of Former Charlotte Fire Station #4 on West 5th Street.  Here is another example of excellent adaptive reuse.

Former Charlotte Fire Station #4


Respectfully submitted,


Dan L. Morrill