Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks Commission

January 2016

1. Richard Rozzell House, 11647 Old Rozzelles Ferry Road, Charlotte, N.C. Staff is continuing to work on arrangements associated with the prospective sale of the Richard Rozzell House. Technically, the Commission is submitting the application for rezoning of the existing historic landmark, which is scheduled to occur in March. Staff is in contact with the Federal Government to secure ownership of the adjacent government land. Finally, Staff will be assisting the County in submitting a request for County funding to purchase the government land, which will be immediately sold to the prospective buyers of the historic landmark.

2. Delburg Cotton Mill House, 303 Delburg St., Davidson, N.C. Staff has halted the renovation of the house to await possible submission of an offer to purchase. Staff will keep the Commission informed. If an offer is received, the Commission will have to go into closed session to consider it.

3. Torrence-Lytle School. 302 Holbrooks Road, Huntersville, N.C. The Commission voted to delay moving forward with approved improvements of the buildings until the March meeting of the HLC. This delay will hopefully allow the Town of Huntersville and the Historic Landmarks Commission to approve a preservation strategy for the property.

4. General Motors New Style Bus 1074. Clarke Power Co. has obtained a new refurbished engine for the bus and is moving forward with installation. The next step will be to drive the bus to Mooresville where a new air conditioning system will be installed. Staff is scheduling meetings with the Charlotte Area Transit System to discuss a possible cooperative arrangement with CATS. Staff will also be discussing insurance for the bus and on-going maintenance.

5. Outen Potter, 403 Jefferson St., Matthews, N.C. Improvements to the property are underway. Also, at its December meeting the HLC approved taking action to render the deed covenants on the property null and void. Peter Wasmer is the Project Manager of the physical changes to the property.

6. Phillips House, Matthews, N.C. 131 West Charles Street, Matthews, N.C. The Commission owns the property. The current owner has a right of life tenancy in the property. Staff anticipates that the Commission will participate with the Town of Matthews in discussing future use of the property.

7. William Grier House. Douglas International Airport owns this house. Staff will be actively pursuing meetings with Airport officials to develop a preservation strategy for the property.

8. Former Mt. Carmel Baptist Church. Campus St., Charlotte, N.C. Meetings occurred this month with Johnson C. Smith University officials to discuss how the Commission might participate in the preservation of the Former Mt. Carmel Baptist Church, a designated historic landmark. Discussions continue.

9. Dicussions are occurring regularly with County officials about project management. It is clear that the projects undertaken by the Historic Landmarks Commission will hereafter be reviewed more closely by the County, especially in terms of profit or loss. Len Norman continues to work with Staff to develop a justification for replenishment money for the revolving fund.

Respectfully submitted,
Dan L. Morrill