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Special Notice:  The Commission is updating and revamping its website.  This will be a gradual process.  However, hereafter, much information, especially at the outset Commission business, will be on the new site.  You can visit it at:

Director's Report

December 12, 2005

1.  The Commission will hold a joint public hearing with the Charlotte City Council on December 19th to consider historic landmark designation of the following properties: the McQuay House, an expansion of the land at the Samuel Neel House, and the Elizabeth Lawrence House and Garden.  The Commission's appearance  is scheduled to be the first hearing on the agenda.  The meeting begins at 6 p.m.

McQuay House
Samuel Neel House

Elizabeth Lawrence House & Garden

2.  The Commission is scheduled to make its recommendation on December 20th to the Board of County Commissioners regarding replenishment of its revolving fund and an allocation of funds to Charlotte Trolley.  Staff will advise you by email when the agenda is finalized.  Mike Sullivan will be making the presentation for the Commission.  Click Here For Request For Board Action.

3.  The Town of Huntersville has voted to designate the Torrence Lytle School as a historic landmark and will be involving the Commission in developing a small area plan.

4.  The Town of Matthews has voted to designate four properties as historic landmarks.  They are:  the McLaughlin Bost House, the former Matthews Post Office, the Rowland Clay House, and the Renfrow Lemmond House.

5.  The Town of Pineville continues to express interest in working with the Commission on a comprehensive preservation plan for the town.  Staff anticipates that implementation will occur sometime after the first of the year.  Staff hopes to involve a UNCC intern in this process.

6.  UNCC graduate students continue to work on draft Survey and Research Reports on prospective historic landmarks in the Town of Davidson.  Staff plans to meet with Davidson officials in the upcoming weeks to determine how the Commission might be involved in assisting the Town with processing some of these properties for historic landmark designation.

7.  Staff will be meeting with Budget officials of Mecklenburg County soon after the first of the year to develop an operational budget for the Historic Landmarks Commission.  Staff anticipates that this budget will be brought to the Historic Landmarks Commission for action at its February meeting.

8.  Staff has been contacted by Wing Haven Gardens in Charlotte about the prospect of historic landmark designation.

9.  Staff has contacted Grubb Properties about how the Commission can be involved in developing an interpretation plan for the St. Lloyd's Presbyterian Church Cemetery.

10.  Pappas Properties has submitted its monthly report on prospects for space in the Charlotte Cotton Mills.  Click here for report.

Respectfully submitted


Dan L. Morrill